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We have built more than 290 homes in Williamson and Maury Counties and continue to build 10-16 new homes per year

2022 Habitat High Build

Habitat High helps cultivate the next generation of community-minded young people by providing high school students an opportunity to raise funds for and actually construct a Habitat home for a lower-income family. This year we will build our 22nd Habitat High home since 1997!

Thank you to our 2022 Habitat High Partner Schools, Brentwood High School, Centennial High School, Franklin High School, Independence High School, Page High School, Ravenwood High School, Spring Hill High School, Summit High School and to our sponsor State Farm.

We are excited to welcome Keo Frierson to the Habitat homeownership program.

Keo was born and raised in Franklin and attended Centennial High School. Currently he works full time at Caliber Collison and has so for the past two years.

When he found out recently that his grandmother would be selling his childhood home, Keo went to work seeking out affordable housing options. “As a single father, I was having a hard time finding anything reasonable for one income,” he explained.

“It’s great to know people care enough to help families in need,” Keo noted, “Without your help I am not sure homeownership would be possible.”

Read more about the Frierson Family. 

Want to help your favorite school raise funds for Habitat High?

Every year local schools set aside rivalries and band together to fundraise, advocate, and build a home with Habitat Williamson-Maury. Students will organize events and other fundraisers to help sponsor a home build! Click here and choose a school to support.

Featured Partners

Habitat for Humanity’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. The support of our generous partners helps make our vision a reality and has a huge impact in the lives of families.

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