Hill Family

Hill Family

As a single mother of four, finding a pathway to secure, affordable homeownership is a sigh of relief for Ebonee Hill.

The family currently lives in an overpriced, overcrowded apartment in the area. Ebonee’s children, Khiyah (17), Kayden (16), Jhayce (10), and Khayson (7) are forced to share two cramped bedrooms with one of the beds positioned in a closet in order to free up space.

Williamson County’s high rental market alone makes it challenging for Ms. Hill to make ends meet, but her budget is spread thin in order to pay for her daughter’s medical expenses, who is legally blind in one eye. In addition to having more room to grow, both financially and in their home, the Hill family will have a safe space that accommodates their unique needs.

Ebonee Hill has called Franklin, TN “home” all of her life. She attended Franklin High School before becoming a certified phlebotomist at a local technical college. Today, she is the Operations Assistant at Prime Health Services and coaches her son’s soccer team.

She has remained a loyal community member and neighbor, donating to several local charities every year when her finances permit. “Even though I don’t have much, I always find a way to give,” she shares.
Ms. Hill feels blessed to improve her family’s situation and is looking forward to feeling financially secure and independent.

“It’s a beautiful program and it’s more than buying a house– it’s giving opportunities to have a home and build a future with the help of a community,” Ebonee remarks.

The Hill family will move into their home this fall. Congratulations, Ebonee!

Watkins Family

Habitat for Humanity Williamson-Maury is excited to welcome Keona and her son, Jaxston (3), into the Homeownership Program!

Keona was born and raised in Columbia, TN by her single mother in a multi-generational home. Throughout her middle and high school years, she was surrounded by her grandmother, cousins, and other family members in their home. Family is one of the most important things to Keona, but supporting family did not come without struggle. She never had her own room, and her mother had to take on multiple jobs, which made it hard for them to spend quality time together.

Keona is determined to give Jaxston a stable, safe, and permanent home. She said, “As a single mother of a young son, not only am I doing this for me, but I’m also doing it for him.”

For the past 6 years, Keona has been employed by Ryder Logistics as a team lead. In her free time, she is active with the youth program at White Springs Missionary Baptist Church. She loves to bake, try new recipes, and is looking forward to starting a garden at her future home.

Jaxston loves to play outside, especially in the water. You can find them at the pool most days during the summer. He’s also learning how to ride a bike! Keona describes him as a “sour patch kid” who always keeps her on her toes.

Starting a new chapter, Keona is excited for her future as a homeowner and for the memories she will create with Jaxston. This opportunity will give her the stability she needs to reach her career goals. She hopes to open a daycare one day and has been working hard on getting education certifications when she has the time.

She said, “Those who have helped me in this process are Heaven-sent. They are an example that God is here and still answering prayers. I pray that one day I can pay it forward.”

We are so happy for the Watkins Family!

Head Family

Habitat for Humanity Williamson-Maury is happy to welcome Mary and her two grandchildren, Andre (15) and Laila (14), into the Homeownership Program. 

A Franklin native, Mary has spent her whole life in the Williamson County area. She graduated from Franklin High School and attended Tennessee State University. Mary grew up as one of 13 children and had a close relationship with her parents. Her first job was working as a cook at the Brentwood Country Club under the leadership of her dad.

Mary is an involved member of Limestone Missionary Baptist Church where she served as a senior usher until having heart surgery in 2021. For the last 6 years, she has been employed by Somerby Senior Living. When asked about her job, she said, “I love working with my seniors because they are filled with wisdom and are so funny. I even sometimes go to work on days that I’m off because I miss them.”

Outside of work, Mary is busy cooking, baking, reading, and raising her two grandchildren. They love to play games and watch movies together. Laila is very involved with the theatre program at Centennial High School, and Andre dreams of joining the army one day.

After bouncing from house to house for many years, Mary is excited to build a forever home for her grandchildren. She said, “I’m blessed and grateful that I get to reset, restart, and refocus on life with a new beginning and owning a place I can call home.”

Mary would like to thank her sponsors for a new lease on life. It is a dream come true for the Head family. Gaining stability and permanence will change their lives.

Bettis Family

Habitat for Humanity Williamson-Maury is happy to welcome D’Angelo, his wife, Tierra, and their children Gabriella (7), Arianna (5), Mar’riana (3), and Josiah (1) into the Homeownership Program.

D’Angelo is originally from Mobile, Alabama, but relocated to Columbia, TN in high school. He was raised in a close-knit family, always playing games with his younger brother and sister. Tierra grew up in Columbia, TN alongside her five siblings. She sadly lost her father at a young age, so her family had to frequently move throughout her childhood. For her, providing a stable, permanent space for their family to call home is truly a blessing.

D’ Angelo currently works at Magna Seating of Spring Hill as a utility floater and aspires to attend trade school for industrial maintenance and one day hopes to start his own business. His wife, Tierra, has her hands full as a stay-at-home mom for their four lively children.

In his spare time, D’Angelo enjoys fishing, hunting, working on cars, and spending time with his kids. His favorite activity, of course, is being a father. “We like being adventurous and doing things together as a family,” he states. Tierra loves to cook and is excited to prepare home-cooked meals in her own kitchen.

This home is a dream come true for the Bettis family. Although becoming homeowners has been a lifelong goal for the Bettis family, they were not able to qualify for traditional mortgage options. The family’s present living conditions are unsafe and overcrowded, resulting in their three daughters sharing a cramped bedroom.

Through the Habitat Homeownership Program, his children will finally have bedrooms of their own and the Bettis family will have a safe space where they will make lasting memories together.

McClain Family

Habitat for Humanity Williamson-Maury is happy to welcome De’Sheria McClain, her son, Jaiden (15), and her daughter, Kamiyah (8) to the Homeownership Program.

Born and raised in Columbia, TN, De’Sheria attended Columbia Central High School before earning her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Tennessee State University.

De’Sheria works as a program case manager for South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance, a non-profit that specializes in reentry, workforce development, and literacy.

Through her role, she connects clients with the resources and community support they need to succeed. From rehab facilities or transitional housing to counseling, clothing, or education opportunities.

“My favorite part of my job is seeing when someone achieves one of their goals or gets the proper help they were needing. To see people, smile about getting their GED or graduating from rehab is always a great feeling,” she shares.

After renting apartments for the past eight years, the McClain family is excited to have a permanent place to call home. “Owning a home will provide a safe environment for my children, stability, and a place to always come back to.” she remarks.

De’Sheria is looking forward to hosting holidays, having more space for their pets, and spending quality time together as a family playing games and doing karaoke.

“I want to let you know how much I appreciate everyone giving me this opportunity for a new start for me and my family. The path to homeownership has been a goal of mine for quite a while and I am excited about what is to come next. I could not have done this without your help.”

Congratulations, McClain family!

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